What Is Copywriting?

Many successful experts consider this to be the hidden secret of their online sales success.

Copywriting is sales in written form… a web page, a letter or email that can reach a million potential customers… It’s a salesman that never sleeps and never stops working.

A copywriter uses psychology and a knowledge of human behaviour to persuade your customers to take action: to buy from you, to opt-in to your email list, or anything else you want your reader to do.

The Competitive Advantage Of Copywriting

Even in the marketing profession, many people don’t really understand what a copywriter does. You can be at a dinner or networking event and five minutes into the conversation you’re met with..

I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind.. but..what is it that a copywriter really does?”

At first guess people usually assume it involves copyright law. It doesn’t.

Then they believe it means you’re a content creator. Which is only partly true.

The fact that so few people understand the benefits of copywriting mean that you have an enormous competitive advantage… In a world of a billion crappy websites, yours can be the one that sells.

The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Content Creator

A content creator creates content, blog posts for example, with the goal of informing the reader about something.

A copywriter must inform the reader too but the true job is to persuade the reader to take action.

So what does a copywriter write?
  • Website copy. Writing for the web is a little different but a good copywriter should know how to write and format a post for websites.
  • EmailsA linchpin of online marketing, your email list is something you own and control. It’s a direct way to reach people who have shown an interest in you and your business. A good copywriter can maximise that asset, making sure your emails get read and lead to sales.
  • Blog posts. Unlike normal content, a copywriter will write to inform the reader AND include a covert agenda of building the reader’s desire in taking an action. An action you as a client want your readers to take.
  • White papers. Long form educational and informative documents mostly used in B2B selling environments. As with the blog posts, a copywriter will write about a common industry problem and end with showing your your product or service solves that problem, encouraging the reader to buy what you sell.
  • Social media posts. Social media requires copywriting too. How do you make your social posts resonate with the audience or maximising the clicks through to your page? A copywriter will know how.
  • Case studiesA short webpage or article that provides a specific example of how your business helped a customer. This offers proof of your capabilities and something for the reader to relate to and trust.
Who Do We Write For?

Copywriters are generally mercenaries. Guns for hire. Sales soldiers who write for organisations willing to pay their fees.

The term ‘mercenary’ though often implies a lack of ethics. As in any field, you’ll find copywriters without ethics…copywriters who will sell anything for anyone so long as the pay is right.

But that’s not us. You can successfully sell snake oil for a day, but you can’t make it a career. It’s not worth it. We choose our clients carefully and like to work for clients who have a product or service that solves the problem it claims to solve..

That doesn’t mean your product has to be revolutionary or particularly unique, it just has to do what you say it does. Everyone sleeps better at night that way.

How Copywriting Can Fuel Your Business Growth

Do you remember what I said at the beginning of the article?

Not quite? Let’s take another look…

Copywriting is sales in the written form. It’s a web page, a letter or an email that can reach a million potential customers. It’s a salesman that never sleeps and never stops working.

A copywriter uses psychology and a knowledge of human behaviour to persuade your customers to take action: to buy from you, to opt-in to your email list, or anything else you want your read to do.

Household names have used copywriting and direct response marketing to grow their businesses from baby businesses to money-making-mega-machines.

For example..

A copywriter – paid just once for his work – wrote a letter for the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal sent this letter millions of people over nearly 30 years. This sales letter never changed…

Want to know how much revenue this one single letter generated?

More than $2bn!

How’s that for a return on investment?

They didn’t have an army of sales people knocking doors or picking up the phone one by one. They didn’t have the huge monthly salary that accompanies an expensive sales force. None of that stress and worry. No… They had a well-written letter.

And we have a copy of that letter. And we use it to help our clients. (Want a copy? email me at matthew@medicimarketing.com)

In this day and age, you don’t even need to send letters. Snail mail done successfully can be a great way to stand out, so I wouldn’t discount it as an option, but it’s no longer a necessity for success… No more envelopes, no more licking stamps… It’s expensive and takes time.

Instead, you can have a sales letter written for your web page. A letter written to speak to a specific type of person – your target customer. All you need then is a good Facebook or google advert targeted to that customer and to measure the results.

You see, that’s why the people in the know love direct response marketing.. you can measure your investment to the penny.

With a sales letter and an advert that makes money, you increase the scale of it. And it runs automatically! No phone calls. No expensive monthly magazine adverts. No cold emails. 

You write the sales letter, you set the advert and you measure the results. 

There are enormous companies making hundreds of millions a year based on adverts directing targeting traffic to lead capture pages and sales letters.

And when it works, it really works. All you have to do is keep your customers happy while watching the money flow into your bank account. 

Success is never guaranteed, but the relationship between effort and reward here is huge and the risk is miniscule. You can’t expect more than that. It’s worth a try don’t you think? 


Want expert copywriting for your own business?

It’d be foolish not to apply copywriting principles to your marketing materials.

You can learn copywriting for yourself which will take years of study and practice, or you can hire someone to help.

We can help. 

We write copy for clients that gets results. Everything we do is based on best practice copywriting principles so you know it’s filled to the brim with persuasion techniques that get customer’s cards out of their wallets.

We don’t promise to make you a millionaire, that would be grandiose of us because there are other factors outside our control (like traffic and your offer) but what we do promise is to give you the best possible chance of success.

And we don’t stop there…

If you were to hire a copywriting service, you’d want some kind of assurance right? You don’t want to feel like you’re left in the dark with some copy that you’re not even sure is great. We understand.

That’s why with our copywriting service you get ongoing support. If the copy doesn’t convert, we’ll analyse why. If the copy is at fault, we’ll re-write it for you at no cost. If there’s a problem with the product offer or a lack of suitable traffic, we’ll diagnose it for you so you know where to focus your energy for maximum success.

So while we can’t guarantee your business success, we can make sure that your website and marketing communications are based on tried and tested consumer psychology so you know it’s persuasive.

If you already have a website that isn’t converting like you expected then you’ll want to take advantage of our FREE WEBSITE REVIEW where we analyse your website and make expert recommendations – free of charge.

Or, if you want us to write a sales letter, email campaign, advert, whitepaper or entire website for you, get in touch with us here. We’d love to help you win.

P.S… If you Contact us today you’ll save 50% off our usual copywriting prices. 



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