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Matthew 'Medici' Oxborrow
Pin Mill, south of Ipswich on the river Orwell
Wednesday, 18:06pm

Dear friend,

I've no idea how you got here.

Maybe you already know who I am and what I do...

Maybe a colleague sent you here...

Maybe you read something of mine and followed a link...

Or maybe you're here because I personally invited you...

Whatever the reason, if you're interested in free marketing ideas from the world's greatest marketers - dead or alive - then this your lucky day.


Because you're about to learn about the Free Medici letter.

"What is the Medici Letter
& why should I give a damn?"

Woah. Watch your language. There could be kids about.

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The Medici Letter is a free weekly braingasm that I want you to get excited about reading every Monday. It includes proven ideas, proven principles, and real-world marketing examples from myself and the world-famous geniuses in whose shade I and grandeur I bask...

...David Ogilvy...

...Drayton Bird...

...Gary Halbert...

...Seth Godin...


...Gengis Khan... dog Arya...

These are all people (and dogs) you can and must learn from.

I've paid thousands of pounds and spent a few years acquiring this knowledge. I'm still paying and I'm still learning. I use it to help my clients. And I'm going to give you the best stuff away here for free.

Why would I do that? Two reasons:

1. It's the right thing to do. You could lap this stuff up, use it for yourself, improve your business and never give me a penny in exchange. That's fine. I don't mind at all because I know that...

2. Some readers will hire me when they know what I know. The fact is, even with all the information I give you free, it's unlikely you'll ever be as good a copywriter as me. You're better than me at what you do. I'm better at copywriting. It's not an ego thing. It's practice. I do this every day. Some of you will be happy to pay me for that. After all...

...I'm in business. I want to sell. You do, too, don't you?

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I'd be pretty crap at what I do if I were writing without selling, don't you think?

The long and short of it is that giving away genuinely valuable free stuff is a great way to sell - AND it's a nice thing to do.

It's the kind of marketing that helps you establish authority, get sales from it, and sleep at night knowing you're helping people. That's the kind of success I want. So you'll sign up for the Medici Letter, won't you? Here's why you should:

If you sign up for the Medici Letter, I guarantee you every week you will walk away with at least one idea that, if you apply, will help you:

- Boost sales so you can grow your business to the size you want

- Increase your prices while making your customers happy to pay the price

- Cut your marketing costs so you only invest marketing money where it pays

- Understand your customers better so you can give them what they want

- Keep your customers coming back for more so each one is worth more to you

- Create marketing you can test and measure so you know what works

- Stay up-to-date with the best marketing channels and platforms so you don't waste your time chasing shiny objects that take your money and make your competitors laugh at you

- Get specific numbers, proven facts, research data, and evidence about which marketing ideas work best so you can make wiser marketing decisions

- Understand the timeless principles behind marketing successes thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, yesterday, and today... The principles never change

- Laugh at some of the borderline inappropriate things I talk about - because who said B2B had to mean boring to boring?

As a business owner I don't expect you to have the same time I do to dedicate to uncovering the insider secrets to reliably & demonstrably making our cash till quiver with repeated orders.

So let me do it for you.

What's more...

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It's Absolutely Free!

As a bonus for signing up I'll also send you a 'swipe file' of 5 of the most successful adverts and sales letters ever written, a free copy of the book 'Scientific Advertising', which David Ogilvy credits for changing the course of his life, plus a free guide called "How to write copy that sells." 

It's free, the emails won't flood your inbox, you can unsubscribe at any time, the emails come from MY personal email address - so you can reply directly to me with any questions - and you'll never receive any emails from anyone who isn't me.

So if you want free marketing ideas from the greatest minds who ever lived - plus a load of other free goodies - don't procrastinate, sign up now. 

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Matt Oxborrow
Medici Marketing

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