Sales pages that sell…

Did you know ‘sales pages’ like this are the  “success secret” for nearly ALL businesses online today?


Yep. A page just like this one. Big headline. Gripping opening line. And a compelling story. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what industry you’re in. This is how successful businesses are built online today.

And if you’ll let me, I’ll show you exactly how you can get a page like this for your own business…

You see, most websites don’t sell a thing. They don’t make a penny. They can be expensive and time consuming to make and nearly every business has one…

But few business owners know how to make their website sell properly because…

Most business owners are utterly clueless when it comes to selling online. 

They think a website with a pretty design, an about page and some nice images will make people buy.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

That stuff is nice, like air conditioning in a car. But an air-conditioned car is useless without an engine to take it from A to B.

The pretty design and images and about page are the air conditioning…

Sales pages are the engines that take customers from A to B… from website visitor to paying customer.

Sales pages are what separate the successful few from the failing many.

Sales pages (and those who write them) are the best kept secret of businesses who use their website to sell their product or service.

They don’t want you to know what really works because they don’t want the competition.

Well I’m here to tell you the truth because I want you to be competition. I want you to scare the big guys in your industry and start competing on their level, leaving your current competition eating dirt.

You see, your sales page is the most important page of your website.

After all, isn’t that the point of your website… to get your product or service into the hands of customers? Heck, isn’t that the main idea of your business? It should be. And if it isn’t, let me tell you. You’re in trouble.

How to use sales pages to ‘drive’ business success online

Sales pages are different to other types of advertising or marketing. They’re part of the direct response world. Most marketing is designed to raise awareness or build a brand so a customer will buy at an undefined later date.

Sales pages are designed to persuade a targeted prospect to buy your product or service NOW.

To do that there only two steps…

Step 1. Create a professional sales page.

Step 2. Drive traffic to it.

Just imagine for a second how incredible this feels…

You have a product or service to sell…

And a sales page that persuades people to buy it…

And all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the sales come rolling in.

You see, this is the best part about sales pages that sell…

You only have to make a sales page once and it can sell for you for years

When your sales page works and you automate traffic to it…

  • You no longer have to cold call people

    • You don’t have to sell door to door

      • You don’t need an expensive sales team

In fact, you don’t need any one to one sales tactics at all because the sales page does it for you – at scale.

Here’s a great example of a successful sales letter at scale…

How The Wall Street Journal made over $2bn – with just one letter

In my possession I have a copy of the exact sales letter used by the Wall Street Journal to become a juggernaut in the publishing industry. And I’m happy to share it with you.

What you’re about to see is the most successful sales letter in the history of the world…

What follows is the fabled “Two Young Men…” letter written by freelancer Martin Conroy, first sent out in 1974 and mailed continuously for over 25 years.

That’s right. The same letter used over and over for 25 years made more than $2bn in Wall Street Journal subscription fees.

Here’s that letter…

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.30.20

You’ll see that the letter begins with a story that works on two levels…

People like stories, we’re wired to be interested in them so the letter captures the readers attention while it secretly…

Introduces the problem of being less successful than your peers. That’s a powerful emotional driver for action, hidden deep within the reader’s psyche.

And what is the solution..?

Knowledge and its application of course.

And… as luck would have it, that’s exactly what the WSJ is selling!

Enter… the sales pitch of the WSJ as a tool for knowledge acquisition.

This copywriter was clever. He wasn’t just selling something fascinating to read and learn, he was selling the idea of the reader being more successful in his career than this his peers. And he offered the WSJ as the perfect solution to that.

The letter is full of other psychological triggers I’ll mention later too.

So you see, it might be an extreme example, but imagine the return on investment on this letter for the WSJ…

They paid one man one time to write a letter and used it for decades to make billions.

How would you feel if you had a sales page online that did something similar?

What would your business and life look like?

How would it make you feel to not worry about sales or money anymore?

What would you do with that freedom?

You see, the idea of a sales letter as the best way to grow a business for maximum ROI is nothing new. And today it’s more successful than ever…

And simpler too… The WSJ had to send their letter by snail mail. They had to print letter after letter, seal it in an envelope and write the prospect’s name and address on it.

You don’t have to do any of that. No printing, no licking envelopes and you’re not asking a customer to reply by snail mail.

No. For you it can be much easier because you can do it all online. Like these guys…

Big companies use sales letters to sell…


Small businesses use them too…

oil club.jpg

It’s easy to find these kinds of sales pages online. They’re the ones that appear when you click on a Google or Facebook ad. They’re the ones designed to convert cold traffic into paying customers.

You might have noticed that the big companies have highly technical sales pages. These companies have multi-million dollar website budgets and entire design teams to create them.

They also spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year in branding and advertising. The world already know who they are and what they do.

These aren’t the kind of pages I’m interested in.

I’m interested in the sales pages that small businesses use to persuade customers who have maybe never heard of them before.

Sales pages that solve problems the customer sometimes didn’t even know they had.

That’s what this page is all about…

Helping small businesses to succeed online.

Now when your have a sales page that sells, all you have to do is drive consistent traffic to it..

Driving traffic to your sales page

Now. You might be asking yourself…

“But what if I don’t have any traffic”

I have good news. You don’t need the traffic today.

One of the best benefits of a sales page is you create it once and you can keep using it again and again while you build traffic.

Remember that traffic is step 2. Step 1 is the sales page.

You can have all the traffic in the world but if your sales page suck it’s all for nothing. All you have is a ‘leaky bucket’.

The sales page lasts for years and there are plenty of ways to drive traffic…

  • Facebook ads

    • Google PPC

      • Email marketing

        • Blogging and content marketing

          • Countless other ways both online and offline

But let’s focus on step 1.

You see, when you have a sales page that sells and for every 100 page visitors you sell £200 of product or services (more than possible), to make £10,000 in a day all you need is to get 5000 targeted visitors to your site.

Depending on the size of your business, that might seem daunting. Even at just 10% of that traffic the sales page would generate £1000 per day…

Enough to be a welcome boost to almost anyone’s business.

It would be life-changing for 95% of business owners.

To get 500 targeted visitors a day is within anyone’s reach when you know who you’re targeting and have the confidence of a sales page that converts the traffic into customers.

Don’t forget, your sales page is a salesman that never sleeps…

It works nights, weekends and holidays without tiring and it never calls in sick.

And you don’t have to pay it a salary.

No matter what you sell, you NEED a sales page

Whether you sell gardening services, physical products, information products or gym subscriptions, no business can do without a website that sells the products or services successfully.

You need sales, you need to get people to sign up. You need new leads, new prospects and the money they generate or you don’t have a business.

That’s why I’m happy to share with you…

How to get a sales page that sells

circle me


Hi, I’m Matthew Oxborrow, founder of Medici Marketing, and I make my living writing sales pages for businesses that want more sales without needing huge investments of time and money.

I’ve studied the masters of direct response marketing for years to dissect the psychology behind what makes people purchase.

And I use that to help businesses I like make more sales through pages just like the one you’re reading now.

If you want to succeed online, your products and services need dedicated sales pages to be used as part of your “marketing funnel”  “online sales process” or “lead generation efforts”.

You only have two choices if you want to win

Option 1: Learn copywriting for yourself and write your own sales page. 

You could do this. But for it to work you’ll need to spend thousands of pounds and months of full-time practice to get anywhere the level required to have confidence in a sales page that sells.

A good sales page needs to follow dozens of principles if you want it to work. If it misses any the page can fail.

Here are a few of the principles a good sales page needs…

  • A killer headline

  • To understand the customer’s mind

  • To be written how the customer thinks

  • To begin with the problem

  • To amplify the pain of the problem

  • To introduce the solution

  • To tell a story that keeps the customer reading

  • To have no breaks in flow

  • To have proof, lots of proof

  • A unique mechanism

  • A transformation

  • To show the customer what life looks like with your product solving their problem

  • To be written in an easy to read layout

  • To follow a structure that flows and keeps the customer reading to the end

  • A clear offer

  • To tell the customer exactly how to buy

  • A powerful P.S

  • To make the purchase urgent

  • To de-risk the purchase

  • To use price-contrasting to make the cost appealing

It’s a lot to learn and get right in a short time.

Of course, there’s always option 2…

Option 2: Hire me to write a sales page for you.

Here’s one I made earlier (click to enlarge)

By hiring me you can have the best chance of growing your business quickly and affordably with a professional sales page written in as little as 1-2 weeks.

I’ve worked with numerous clients who have hired me and made a positive ROI on their sales page investment within as little as 3 weeks from the day they hired me.

The profit they make the following years from my work is theirs to keep.

When you hire me to write your sales page, here’s exactly what you’ll get…

  • A high-converting sales page to replace a tedious one on one sales process

  • A scalable sales model so you can focus on growth and doing what you do best

  • A sales page that looks, feels and sells just like the one you’re reading right now

  • A ready-to-go sales page with minimum technical expertise required: You’ll get all layout, design and screenshots done for you

  • You’ll get my personal phone number AND Skype number to contact me at any time (within office hours)

  • All competitor and historical research of sales pages in your industry

  • PLUS my personal guarantee that if the ‘control’ doesn’t convert as expected, I’ll write another sales page to test against it…

Creating a control – what is a control?

In the world of copywriting, the first iteration of a sales page is called a control. It’s the baseline from which you test and measure to improve sales when required.

You make a sales page, a ‘control’ and you test the conversion rate with targeted traffic.

With enough data you review the results…

If the page doesn’t sell well enough, you’ve had enough targeted traffic sent to it to prove it and your product or service offer is fair, I’ll tweak or re-write the sales pages until one of them sells as it should.

That’s my promise to you.

When you hire Medici Marketing once, you get our ongoing support to give you and your business the best possible shot at high growth.

My business reputation is built on your results. That’s why…

We’ll work with you until your sales page sell and makes you a seriously exciting return on your investment.

I want you to win BIG.

Now let me walk you through, in detail, exactly how it works…

  1. Before hiring me we’ll talk. You can ask me questions and I’ll get to know about your business and your product or service.

  2. If we work together, I’ll ask you to fill out a simple brief. The brief lets me get to know your target customer better and helps with the research process. 

  3. I’ll research successful examples in your industry and the target customer to identify the main benefits of your product or service, how they solve the customer’s true problem and what ‘big idea’ to use.

  4. I’ll run these by you in a simple 1-2 page document to run the direction by you and, once cleared, will get to work writing and editing.

  5. When the edited first draft is complete and I’m happy with it, I’ll send it to you. With your feedback I’ll make any tweaks or explain ideas where necessary to have the sales page ready to test.

  6. You copy and paste the sales page onto your website and send me a link to check over and advise on style, design and format so it’s easy to read. 

  7. You test the page with traffic and get back to me with the results.

The whole process will usually take up to two weeks, depending on work load. Deadlines will be agreed before work begins.

If you’re interested in hiring me to write a sales page that sells for your website, you should be aware of one thing…

I only write a maximum of 8 sales pages per month

That means unless you want to go on a waiting list and wait months for a sales page, you should get in touch ASAP.

But why only 8?

It’s the highest number of sales pages I can write per month working full time.

I need to get to know your business, your product or service and your customer. I need to know how they think.

A good sales page digs deep into your target customer’s problems. Not just the surface problems. But the real problem your customer wants solved.

They show that they understand how your customer feels, how they think, what they fear and what they desire. It takes them on a journey from the problem they face to solving that problem with your product or service as the solution.

Sales pages take time. They need to be researched thoroughly before the ‘copy dump’.

The copy dump is where you sit down and write down every sales idea, every hook, every line and every part of a sales letter in a mad rush to get it all down on paper and add it to the research.

Now the real work begins. Taking all of the information and editing it into the correct language and right order according to proven best practice principles for the highest conversion rate.

The editing is takes a long time. And once it’s edited once, you need to leave it for a few days to come back to it again with fresh eyes, as a customer would for the first time.

Never trust anyone who says they’ll write you a sales page in a day.

The most expensive copywriter in the world couldn’t do that.

You see. A good sales page is full to the brim of proven psychological triggers that persuade the reader to let you help solve their problem.. and pay for the privilege.

A good sales page doesn’t just happen by chance. Every word, every line, every idea is carefully chosen and edited all together to flow naturally.

If you lose the reader’s attention. Even even a second. They get distracted. And *poof* they’re gone as quickly as they came. Another opportunity lost.

The process takes time. There’s no way round it. A quick sales page is general and formulaic and not at all specific to your customer or business. It won’t work and you’ll have to pay twice. In time AND money.

Research takes time. Writing takes time. Editing takes even longer.

Do it once and do it right so you can get to growing your business quickly and with confidence.

Working full time I can only write 8 proper sales pages a month. That’s two per week.

That means I can take on a MAXIMUM of 8 new clients a months.

Some clients wants more than one page and I have older clients who request new work too.

If you want your sales page done once and done well…

Hire me.

If your sales page request isn’t one of the first 8 each month that I accept, you’ll just have to wait an extra month at least and go on the waiting list.

You’re still reading this sales letter, and it’s long isn’t it. You see, long copy sells better because it gives more information, provides more proof and answers more objections.

You want your sales page to be long but not long-winded. There’s a big difference.

And so, here you are reading this long sales letter. It must be for a reason. Are you interested in having a sales page written for your business, want to know how to get one and how much it costs?

Let’s get to it…

Just how much does a sales page that sells cost?

A good question any wise business owner would have in mind.

Before I give you the exact cost (and tell you how you can order – or join the waiting list) I want you to take a second to ask yourself how much it’ll cost you if you DON’T have a sales page that sells for your product or service.

How many more customers are there out there in your market who could buy what you sell if only you could reach them with a sales page that shows them you understand their problems and persuades them to buy?

How much money are you currently leaving on the table in missed opportunity?

Many copywriting agencies will charge upwards of £20,000 per sales page, and more often than not they’re worth the money. They make a great return on investment for the right business that can afford that kind of one-off marketing investment.

We’re just a small agency and I do all the writing myself. We don’t have an expensive office or an enormous salary bill to pay each month so that helps us provide a service the vast majority of businesses can comfortably afford.

Get a sales page that sells (including our generously fair re-write guarantee) for half of the normal price of £1200.

Pay just £600


Why you should invest in a sales page that sells

£600 is a modest investment for the a legitimate business or start-up that wants to grow.

It could just be the rocket fuel for enormous sales growth that changes your business and your life.

It’s impossible to be successful without taking calculated risks.

And I wholeheartedly believe that this is a small risk to take with such great potential for high reward.

I believe it’s a risk that any rationally minded business owner would be wise to take.

And don’t forget about…

The re-write guarantee

Your success is our success. We’ll stick by you and help you to win. If for any reason the copy needs a tweak, a new angle or even a whole re-write to get results, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

If the copy’s not the problem, we’ll even help advise on that too.

I run this business with integrity. I’ll do everything i can to minimise your risks and maximise your upside. You can’t get any more than that anywhere else.


Work out for yourself how many sales you would need for a positive ROI. You could even take into account customer lifetime value. How much is each new customer worth to your business and how many do you need to recoup your £600 investment?

How many new customers make this modest investment worthwhile?

Not so many right?

So what are you waiting for?

Make a wise business investment for sales growth right now…


Who ‘A Sales Page That Sells’ is for…

A sales that page sells is ideal for small to medium business that want to make more sales of a specific product or service and have a modest marketing budget.

Here are just some of the kinds of businesses it’s ideal for…

  • Coaches and consultants

    • Health service providers (dentists, gyms, physiotherapists) 

      • Professional services firms

        • Self-employed service providers (planners, photographers etc) 

          • Businesses with a specific product to sell e.g tailored suits

            • Estate agents

              • Service businesses (classes, beauty etc)

Who it’s not for…

  • Tiny business with no marketing to speak of.

  • Businesses looking for super expensive high-spec sales pages requiring a website design team.

What happens when you click the green button?

Click one of the green buttons to enquire about a sales page that sells. The buttons are not ‘buy now’ buttons. I don’t have a “buy now” button for 2 specific reasons…

  1. I might be full this month already and you’ll have to go on the waiting list for a later time.
  2. I believe it’s best for both of us that we have a chat first. Even if it’s just over email (phone is fine too). I want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

If you’re interested in hiring me to write a killer sales page that sells for your product or service then let’s talk before this months client list is full..


P.S. this sales page is nearly 4,000 words long. You’ve read it for a good reason. Imagine how great it will feel to have a flood of eager customers reading your very own sales page right to the end, ready to click and buy. It’ll feel nice won’t it? Real nice. Go on. Click that green button above and see how a sales page that sells can make your whole life easier, and lot more profitable.