The 6 scientific elements of persuasion (infographic)

The 6 scientific elements of persuasion (infographic)

Written by Matthew Oxborrow, Founder, Medici Marketing.

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If you want to be successful in business and marketing you have no choice but to understand the keys to persuasion. Because good persuasion is key to good marketing. Without this skill you’ll never persuade a single customer to buy what you’re selling. And isn’t that the very purpose of marketing? That’s why it’s good to know what drives influence and persuasion so you can apply it to your own marketing for more sales and greater impact on the world. 

The art and science of persuasion is nothing new. The great philosopher Aristotle himself wrote the first classic book on the subject 2300 years ago.

What follows is a popular persuasion infographic written by UK based company Everreach based on Dr. Robert Cialdini PhD’s famously useful book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionavailable on kindle and in paperback.

I recommend you take a regular look at the inforgraphic and think of ways to apply the lessons to your own sales, marketing and copywriting.



Founder, Medici Marketing

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