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If you’re a business owner, marketer or online entrepreneur I recommend you pay full attention to every word on this page. You’ll discover the money making machine successful businesses like The Wall Street Journal have used for decades to grow from start-up to juggernaut. There’s no reason why you can’t use it too. 

You’re about to discover…

  • What copywriting is and how it works

  • How you can automate your lead generation process so you have more time and less stress

  • How copywriting can grow your business quickly and affordably so you have more freedom in your life

  • Why copywriting is so powerful at getting new customers that it should only be used for good

  • Why most businesses suck at copywriting and struggle because of it and how you can rise above them

  • How you can have more time AND more money so you can live life on your own terms

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time entrepreneur with a start-up business or an existing business that’s already successful..

If you had a machine that turned all your $1 bills into $10 bills, how many $1 bills would you give it?

A lot, right?

Well.. I’m about to show you exactly how you can reliably and consistently do just that!

Time and Money

The holy grail… earning a great living AND having enough time to live your life, to take a holiday, to learn a new skill, to be with the kids.

As a business owner you don’t earn money for all the time you spend marketing or gaining new clients, you only get paid for the sales you make and the service you provide.

So it makes sense you’d want to maximise your time earning money and minimise the time it takes to make the sale.

If you’re not earning enough money, that really sucks. 

I know what it feels like to struggle. To fail. There’s an all consuming anxiety and stress that failure and struggle carries with it.

There’s no freedom in struggle. Only frustration. Even when you’re resting you’re not really at ease.

When you’re not working you’re worrying about paying the mortgage, feeding the family and wondering if you’ll ever be able to enjoy some freedom.. the freedom of time and money. The freedom to live life on your own terms.

It’s easy to feel ashamed. No matter what you try, nothing really seems to be working. You try to look upwards as you slide backwards into hopelessness and despair.

The great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote:

“Poverty is the mother of crime.” 

Other great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Benjamin Franklin all despised poverty and dedicated themselves to the task of helping people get out of it.

You have dreams and aspirations for yourself, for your family, for others. Maybe you doubt if it’s really possible for you. Maybe you’re cursed. Maybe you’re in the wrong business. Maybe you should never have left that job.

But you don’t want to struggle and live in fear, no one does. The anxiety and worry is killing you inside.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have wave after wave of happy customers who are happy to pay you for your services?

Maybe all you need is a little help with automated sales..

After all, no business can survive without sales. And how great would it be to have them come rolling in with little ongoing effort on your part?

Imagine for a moment now that you knew exactly what your target customers wanted.

Now imagine there are a lot of them…

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Perhaps you just need to position your product or service better.

Firstly, you need to understand who you serve and what they want.

Secondly you need to show how your product or service helps them get what they want.

Finally, you just need to reach your customers with your message.

Now imagine you could do all of this and have it run automatically.. so that your sales or lead generation system worked all by itself – so you’d have more money AND more free time on your hands to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.. to take that holiday, to spend more time with the kids, to have date night once a week.

Trust me. This is possible. It’s more than possible. Anyone can do it with the right help.

Millions have done it before.

Every successful business is built this way. I don’t doubt for a second that you can think of at least one person who is successful in business that makes you think…well, if they can do it, surely I can too!

Well, I’m going to show you how you can.

But I’m not going to show you just any old way.. I’m going to show you the most effective way.

It’s like having an army of sales people working for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – except you don’t have any wages to pay.

Want to discover more about copywriting?


A good copywriter can take your business from failure to success in record time.

Don’t believe me?

Let me show you…


What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is where you use words to help you sell more. It’s an incredibly efficient, automated way to make a lot of money.

An example..

Let’s say 1 in every 500 people who visit your website buy from you.

A copywriter works out how to make 1 in every 100 people buy from you.

So every day you make FIVE TIMES as much money – from the same website!

Hiring a copywriter is just like hiring a normal salesman.. except the copywriter can sell to thousands of people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and there’s no monthly salary to pay!

How does a copywriter do this?

A copywriter isn’t a normal writer. No. A copywriter is a master of the human psychology behind purchasing decisions.

That’s why a good copywriter knows what TRULY makes someone buy something… and uses that to help your business succeed.

A good copywriter will know that emotion is the driving force behind almost all human behaviour. This remains true when it comes to how your customers spend their money.

What do people hire a copywriter for?

People hire copywriters to write anything that helps them to sell more and make more money.

Copywriters write:

  • Sales Letters
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Social Media Adverts
  • Whitepapers (ebooks/PDFs for business to business selling)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Press Releases
  • Sales Scripts
  • Email campaigns and autoresponders
  • Video Sales Letters (scripts for videos)
  • Anything else you need to help your business win

I told you at the beginning that copywriting is a machine that can automatically help you to reliably turn $1 into $10, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year..

How Does Copywriting Turn $1 into $10?

It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or a service. Let’s say, for example, you sell a 3-month meditation course for $200. 1 in 500 people are buying the course but it costs you $100 in Facebook ads to get each new customer. Your cost per customer acquisition is $100.

You’re making some money, but it’s a lot of hard work and it’s not terribly efficient. Half of your total business revenue pays for marketing. It’s OK, your business is alive, but you’re struggling to take pay wages and overheads. You can forget about making a profit.

Now. let’s say you hire a copywriter who is able to work with you, to understand your business, understand what makes you different, and understand the exact feelings that make your customers buy from you.

Let’s say this copywriter is able to re-write your sales page, advise on your offer AND help you re-write your Facebook ads.

Now, for every $100 you spend in adverts you get five customers instead of one. Now, your customer acquisition cost is just $20 and your revenue per customer is $200.

You’re earning enough money to pay wages and bills and you’re making a profit.

Now your customer acquisition cost is so affordable, you decide to increase your advertising budget, you even decide to double it. You can afford to spend more because you’re earning so much more money. Now you don’t only have 5 times as many customers as before, you have 10 times as many customers. 

You now have the freedom, independent lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Instead of being embarrassed or ashamed when people ask you how your business is going, they come to you for advice. They want to live the same way you do.

How does it feel to not have to worry about the money anymore? How does it feel to enjoy your business, to offer a great service that helps people AND to live comfortably without the anxiety and stress of financial concerns?

You think this sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. Here’s why..

How Direct Response Copywriting Is Different To Other Types Of Marketing

The most common mistake I see when people first go into business is that they copy the marketing efforts of huge corporations. They spend all of their time and money on brand and image marketing that impossible to measure accurately.

When I first started in business I was like most rookie business owners. I believed that a nice logo, a fancy tag line and some flashy design is what would make customers buy from me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

And then they waste money on magazine advertising or awful leaflets and brochures that earn less than they cost to print.

The reason huge companies spend so much on branding, image and advertising is because they have enormous budgets and can repeat their messaging so often that they’re front of mind. There’s a reason we automatically think of Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds, Nike whenever we’re hungry, thirsty or need sports gear. We drown in their messaging.

The problem when small companies try to copy them is they don’t have millions to spend. You can’t compete with them in that way. Branding and image marketing can be useful in business, but it kills so many small businesses before they even get started.

You may even have been told that for your magazine advert to succeed you need to spends tens of thousands of dollars running the ad for 6 months to get results.

If you have tens of thousands to spend today and can wait 6-months before you can begin to judge whether your marketing is successful or not, you might want to try it.

But there’s a better way. It’s cheaper, quicker, more effective and you can measure EXACTLY how successful it is..

Direct Response Marketing

Here’s the thing about copywriting..

It’s designed to persuade the reader to take an immediate action. Today. 

You always end with a call to action so you can measure exactly how successful it is.

If it’s a Facebook advert you can measure the click-through rate.

If it’s a sales page you can measure exactly how many people visit the page and how many people purchase.

If it’s an email you can measure the open rate.

If it’s a leaflet or direct response magazine advert you can measure how many people bring you the coupon or phone you for the offer.

You test and you measure. You keep what works and scale it. 

Some of the most successful sales letters of all time were written once and remained in use for more than 30 years, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. 

With direct response copywriting you never have to wonder about your return on investment. You can measure it.

Countless people credit it with their success.

And it’s remarkably cheap to test. You can have a campaign running in weeks, not months or years, and when you find the sweet spot, you can scale it to extraordinary wealth and service.

In comparison to all other marketing efforts, direct response copywriting is incredibly low risk, astonishingly high reward.

By now you must be curious and thinking that it surely might be worth a try. But you’re not entirely convinced whether you should trust me. And you’re wondering how much the service costs.

Let me show you why should trust me.. and why our service probably costs a lot less than you think..

Here’s what I know that will make you more money..
  • Why long copy out-sells short copy EVERY TIME – The number one thing rookies ALWAYS get wrong.

  • How to write headlines that grab the readers attentions – Because FIVE TIMES as many people read the headline than the main body, so the world’s best copy with a bad headline is a complete failure.

  • Why the P.S. is such a powerful force in convincing customers who are ‘on the edge’ – So you earn as much money as possible from clients who need your offer.

  • Why 90% of most marketing efforts get put straight in the trash – And how to create content that slips through this ‘B’ list into the ‘A’ list of must-read information.

  • How to get into the reader’s head to overcome their objections – So they have no reason not to buy from you.

  • How to use ‘Price Contrasting’ to increase your prices (even double or triple in some cases) or to make your current prices cheap – So your customers are delighted with what they believe to be an amazing bargain.

  • The proven principles that reliably bring enormous results to your marketing efforts – So you know that our copy is based on proven success, not plain old hope or prayer.

What’s more… I have in my ‘swipe file’ almost every single one of the most successful pieces of direct marketing copywriting ever produced in the history of marketing. The cost of these is thousands of dollars. The value of these is priceless. I use the lessons in them to produce every piece of copy I write.

I studied (and continue to study) copywriting giants like:

  • Gary Halbert
  • Mel Martin
  • Dan Kennedy
  • David Ogilvy
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • Gary Bencivenga

You don’t need to remember their names. Just know that these men are behind some of the world’s greatest success stories, adverts and sales letters that ever existed. And I have a treasure trove of their work that I use for inspiration to help people like you sell more.

The simple formula of business success

This is an incredibly important piece of the business success puzzle. You see, there’s a simple formula to business success:

On one side you have your product or service (your offering).

On the other side you have people who might want to buy your product or service (target market).

What you need is something to bridge that gap..

Direct Response Copywriting is an affordable, scalable, measurable way to connect what you offer with the people who will buy it.

So long as you have a great offer and can reach enough people in your target market, our direct response copywriting service will help you to make money and increase your service to the world.

There’s just one thing..

Understanding human emotion and using it to fuel commerce is a powerful weapon. A lot of people use it to sell useless crap we really don’t need. Or they use it to sell poor quality products that don’t solve the problem they claim to.

We’re not like that.

Because it’s a powerful tool, we feel a certain responsibility to use it for beneficial purposes.

We must all earn a living, but this isn’t just a job to us, it’s a vocation.

We don’t work for money alone.

We have no interest in selling snake oil.

If we don’t believe in your product or service, you won’t get our best work anyway, because our heart wouldn’t be in it.

The world is a large place. We exist to help people who want to do good, help people AND earn plenty of money in the process. You can do both. And this is who we choose to serve.

Some of the most powerful drivers in selling are fear, laziness, hope, shame and greed. It may sound manipulative to use these to your advantage. It’s the simple reality of  influencing human behaviour.

You can use it to influence people for their own good, or for your own selfish desires. That’s why it’s so powerful and dangerous. It’s also why it’s so important that we use it to sell things that truly benefit people.

If you believe in your offering, have your customer’s best interests at heart AND make a tonne of money at the same time, then we can help you win.

You can have one salesperson contacting people one by one..

Or you can have a sales letter that can reach thousands of people twenty-four hours a day. A letter that automatically does the work for you. It’s a sales machine that lasts forever and you only pay for once.

Everything I write has a purpose, and I’m even happy to share my secrets with you. So you understand WHY my stuff inspires action. You can have total confidence in it.

The headline grabs attention.

The first line builds interest.

The next paragraphs inspire desire.

And at the end your client takes action – the action you want them to take.

My sales writing doesn’t seem like sales writing. In fact it’s mostly educational. I entertain whilst providing valuable information. This builds trust. You’ll need trust to attract clients to the product or service I help you sell.

Only at the end, when the reader trusts you and likes you do we ask for the sale. (You can put them off otherwise).

And when I ask, I get results.

I believe that if you help people, you deserve to be successful. And the more people you help, the more successful you’ll be.

So I choose to use my skills and knowledge to help the people I personally believe in. I value my time above all else. I have zero desire to spend my time selling snake oil.

I see no good reason not to strive for positive impact AND wealth creation at the same time.

When you hire Medici Marketing’s direct response copywriting service here’s exactly what you get..
  • Quality, action-oriented copy based on proven success principles. So you can be confident our work gives you the greatest possible chance of reaching your goals.

  • Affordable prices – so your ROI is enviable.

  • Desire, commitment and emotional investment in your project. When you win, we win.

  • Before we work we get to know your business, your target client and the results you want.  So we can best serve you.

  • Honesty & Transparency: We’re in this to help you. If we can’t help, we’ll tell you.

  • Quick turnaround of copy, delivered on time – so you have total peace of mind.

If you believe in your business. If you’re authentic. If you believe that what you do is valuable to the world, then I’d love to help you succeed in your mission.

“You tell me who you serve and what action you want them to take and I help you achieve it.”

You get copy that delivers the results you ask me to deliver, for an affordable price. And if you don’t like it, I’ll re-write it until you do. Incredibly low risk, high reward. That’s our offer to you.

Services we offer:

Sales pages

Email campaigns

About us pages

Whole website copy

Advert copy

Whitepapers/ ebooks/ PDFs

Product Descriptions

Bespoke projects



When you search for other copywriting agencies you’ll find they charge ten times our prices (often even more!) Our prices won’t remain low for long.

Prices start from just £99/$149/€129. We provide quotes on a per-project basis so you only get charged for the work we do. Due to the time it takes to familiarise ourselves with a new client’s business, we don’t accept any projects less than our minimum starting price, which is already generously low. 

You can expect that the value we provide will exceed the prices we charge.

If you want to grow your business using a sales machine that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (that you only have to pay for once) then get in touch with us today.

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P.S.. We want you to succeed. When you use our services, you get our ongoing advice. If you don’t get the results you expect, we’ll diagnose the problem for you. Whether it’s the copy, the traffic or the offer. We’ll help diagnose and fix it for you. To give your business the greatest chance of success and impact.

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