Free Website Review

Website not converting? We’ll tell you why…

It’s not easy to get customers online. Sometimes it can feel downright impossible. There could be any of one hundred things that’s limiting your success. We’re here to tell you it IS possible to succeed online.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to point you in the right direction and give you the confidence you need to reach and persuade traffic to become paying customers.

At Medici Marketing we look at your website first from a customer’s perspective, then review it with an experienced eye of knowing what works, what doesn’t and where websites commonly fail.

Whatever’s wrong with your website, we’ll diagnose the problem for you. And it won’t cost you a penny.

Would you like professional copywriting advice free of charge?

We write copy that makes our clients money.

Part of writing copy that makes you money is understanding your customer, what makes them take their card out of the wallet – and what prevents them.

We won’t write your copy for you (not for free at least) but we’ll take a look at your website and point you in the right direction. We’ll give you advice you can implement instantly to help turn readers into paying customers.

What You Need To Do

If you’d like us to review your website for you and recommend improvements that substantially increase your chances of success – free of charge – then you only need to do one thing…

  1. Contact us with a link to your website or existing copy and a message explaining your current situation.


We look forward to helping you succeed.



Founder, Medici Marketing

P.S. This service is only available for a limited time. The usual cost for this service is (per page) £49, €59, $69.