Our Services:
How Medici can help you get - and keep - more customers

Below you'll find a short summary of the most popular services our clients ask of us.

For more information about our services and how they can help you get - and keep - more customers, arrange a 15-minute consultation with Matt. There's no obligation, it's 100% free, you could even keep what you learn and do what you want with it if you like. 

Direct mail &
snail mail sales letters

The most effective way to boost sales without sending a salesman to the door.

A sales letter is a salesperson in an envelope you can send to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of prospects.

From £750 researched, written, designed, and ready to send.

Website copy & 
landing pages

Your website needs the right words for prospects to want to buy from you. 
Get the right message across with language that resonates and inspires the action you want them to take.

From £500 for a 4-page basic package. (Homepage, about page, contact page, products and services page)

Website conversion consultancy

95% of professional websites lose money for their owners.

That's an embarrassing statistic. It means the world is full of people with websites that aren't converting traffic into leads. Medici can help you diagnose the issue, propose a plan, and help execute. So your website is finally a growth engine for your business, not a handbrake.

From just £75/hour.

Online sales letters &
sales pages

More than general web copy, long-form, detailed sales letters and sales pages for selling specific products & services.

When a product or service is new to the market, or it's expensive, or it's complex, prospects need convincing. You can't do this without long copy. That's why sales letters exist... They persuade better.

From £500 per letter/page.

Email marketing &

You know how important an email list is. A large list of prospects you can market to regularly and cheaply until they buy.

An autoresponder series is evergreen marketing that takes a fresh prospect and turns them into hot buyers as soon as they sign up. To continue selling, you'll need ongoing email marketing campaigns.

From £100 per email. £750 for 10.

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